My First Illinois-Based Client

My first client in the Illinois area was wonderful! She was a kid and was with her mother on-law. I needed to tailor the bridesmaid dress on the side seams, shorten the straps and hem it. Most bridesmaid dresses are chiffon, a very light a mildly sheer fabric which can be difficult to handle if you’re a newbie. The more experience you have with the material, the easier working with it will get. Back in 2014 (or, maybe 2015?) I designed a wedding dress out of an ivory chiffon color for a friend who was pregnant and getting married. Once you develop a system while sewing chiffon, you’ll find ways to sew beautiful seams and/or hems with it.

When this dress for my client was finished, the garment had a new shape and the skirt a new swing to it. She said it was more comfortable and appropriate for her tiny figure. My number one priority is making customers happy and it’s such a rewarding feeling to do so.

Keep scrolling as there are even more exciting stuff to show! Check out below this a brief post about my get together with the amazing Leslie Hunt, a gifted singer and songwriter, the lead vocalist of Chicago’s District 97. Head on over to her website, and listen to her music! Her voice is so angelic sounding and she’s working on a solo album of which I am STOKED about! Check out this awesome post below! You’ll see some other surprises including a coat I designed that a bunch of people are inquiring about, pictured below:

The Coat Everyone Is Asking About

One of my most frequently asked questions is: “Do you make full outfits?” The answer is, yes, I design dresses, special occasion wear, coats and more using my own custom patterns. This past September, I designed and photographed this coat I sewed up, and suddenly, everyone started emailing me about it. I am still sewing up a bunch of these coats for clients, so if you’re interested in it, I can customize the pattern and print for you if you choose. Just head on over to my contact page and shoot me a note.

This photo shoot then led to an awesome opportunity to design one for my longtime friend and incredible musician, Leslie Hunt, whom I’ve known since we were children. She is a phenomenal singer and soared to the top ten females on the hit television show, American Idol in 2007. From there, she was invited to sing for District 97, a Chicago band founded by drummer, Jonathan Schang. They both are amazing talents, everyone in District 97 is fantastic! I’ve done numerous collaborations with them since their inception. Their beats are addictive and you haven’t heard real music until you’ve heard this band!

A couple of my favorite songs are A Lottery (my ultimate favorite), Perfect Young Man, and their new album, Screens, I could listen to on an endless loop. In fact, I do often. The beats get me into a zone when I’m creating. I also very much enjoy the beat and lyricism in their track, Ghost Girl. They produced a short film for Ghost Girl and it’s artistry at its best.

Leslie and I reconnected again recently and it was so great to see her and catch up. It’s always nineties nostalgia when she and I get together and she is the funnest, most talented person I know (thanks, Google, I know funnest isn’t a word but I don’t care). She is such a fun person to collaborate with and has a profound story and background. She’s also one of my most favorite females of all time!

There are also dozens of other sewing projects I’m working on. I’m creating a tunic line of original tunics that can be ordered in their own custom prints and fabrics!

On this site, once my online store is running, you’ll be able to customize your outfits by choosing what print you’d like and pattern/style. More announcements on this are on their way. It’s looking like I won’t have the store totally ready until just after 2021 but I’m trying to get it together sooner than that! In the meantime, there are other ways you can order outfits you like from me. Thanks so much for stopping by and keep up with studio projects here!

Completed Sewing Project

I’d just completed tailoring an Elvis costume for a client and it fit him like a glove after! At first, he was swimming in the costume and needed me to take it up and take it in at the armholes, side seams and pant (crotch) seams. Meanwhile, my stepdad thought it would be hilarious to blast Hound Dog by Elvis while I sewed it up and really helped me find the fun in this. Usually, I turn down men’s clothing but I don’t know why. Can do it just fine and have plenty of experience tailoring and altering coats and jackets.

What I love about these projects is when I get a bit nostalgic. I only had one week with it and it was a lot more involved than I had initially thought, however, I discovered quite a few sewing shortcuts. The entire costume was serged, sewn with a four-thread machine. To shorten my labor with it, I simply unhooked the ends of all seams, the top and bottoms of them where there were intersections: armholes, sideseams and crotch seams, and kept the rest of the seams sewn together while doing the resizing. This tactic allowed me to keep the seams together as if there were pins in it, which really simplified everything. The red circles are where I re-sized and resewed, including the pantleg hems.

I was relieved that the Halloween costume was serged as that sped my sewing process up and got it done in just over an hour. My industrial Juki machines are life savors! The sewing is fast and pristine, guaranteeing beautiful seams. I’ll definitely be doing men’s clothing more in the future as I especially love tailoring and altering suits such as sports coats and dress coats.