I am abiding the rules and regulations for the Covid-19 Pandemic, ensuring your health and safety needs are met. For in-person consultations, no more than two people in my studio at a time. Everyone, including me, must wear masks with built in filters and do social distancing.

In Studio Policies

Fittings will be relatively quick and I only need one or two. The second fitting is the final one unless a lot of alterations need to be done on a dress. You will not be charged for consultations as I keep them short, sweet and effective. In your consultations, you will be notified about the ways in which your garments will/can be sewn. When I say economical sewing, I mean no time wasted. There are multiple ways to approach resizing, hemming and restructuring of wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. I’ll offer suggestions to make it more budget friendly as I am very affordable. Just see for yourself what customers are saying about my sewing and work.

Rush Orders:
At this time, I am not accepting rush orders that are less than a six-day notice for a deadline. Appointments must be scheduled as in advance as possible. With a full schedule, I can’t accommodate last minute appointments and fittings.  Please note, if due dates change last minute, there will be a separate rush order charge and we can discuss this in the consultation. The date your dress or garment is due must be finalized up front.

Return Policies For Online Orders:
For returns, you have ten business days to send back and get a refund if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with a dress or garment. However, there are limits to this. We can discuss these limits and policies in our consultation if you wish. But none of my customers in all my twelve years of sewing, nobody has ever returned anything. If you purchased an outfit or item online that you’re not satisfied with or that needs an alteration done to it, you have ten business days from your time of receiving the item to communicate edits/alterations that need to be made. I will not charge extra if in the event an alteration or edit needs to be done to a garment.

In Studio Policies

What To Expect:

Beautiful Seams! Precise Industrial Sewing. Quick And Economical Turnouts. Care For Your Garments Is My Top Priority!
People say not to strive to perfection. But as a seamstress, sewing seams so beautifully that they add a stunning element to your garments, disguising or accentuating details, perfection is a MUST. Quality is something I both take very seriously and pride in. Caring for your garments is my ultimate priority. Through exceptional sewing, I do just that.The types of sewing machines I use are top-notch industrial Juki, a serger and straight stitch. These machines are the best on the market and create the most stunning results.


PRIVACY POLICIES: Your personal information including email, phone number, address are kept confidential. Your information will not be shared with anyone! It is saved in a secure database that requires login and store it for future contact. You are welcome to opt out at any time.

APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY: Appointments canceled within 48 hours before scheduled time will be subject to a cancellation fee. Last minute cancellations impact not only workflow but in-house obligations and execution of projects. Mindfulness about this is appreciated. However, if there is a legitimate reason for cancelling, you won’t be subject to a cancellation fee; a new policy that honors this Covid-19 pandemic.

FITTING CONSULTATIONS: After our first consultation, any further requests post that will be subject to additional costs and a secondary service fee.