Thank you for visiting my new website, (2.0)! I’m originally from the Chicago area and recently moved back to town. For more than ten years, I managed a successful alterations business doing both bridal alterations and designing custom dresses for women. Additionally, I have had my writing published in more than seven national journals including Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, The Mighty, MSN.COM, Yahoo!World News and more!

At a young age, art and writing used to be my way of communicating. I was never far away from a pencil or piece of paper. At first, I began writing books and illustrating them, which (still) fuels my inspiration for story-writing now. Speaking of writing, I’ve about completed my third mystery novel. Writing books is such an empowering creative outlet for me. But all kinds of art from photography to drawing to painting to portraiture, they are all my passions and what I do daily.

From home, I sew, draw, paint, write, and keep my schedule flowing with creativity as much as I can. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, while quarantined, I stared an art business drawing portraits for individuals and families ALL over the world. Drawing is such a wonderful form of expression and beautiful extension of the mind. With a keen eye for anatomy from my drawing and sewing background, I’ve become acutely familiar with the male and female physique. While these are varying types of art, an artist naturally has a sharp eye for detail and understanding shapes, structures, forms, textures, proportions and so on. The brain on art is almost like the brain on caffeine (just, art is a lot healthier)!

For me, art was merely a way of reinterpreting and understanding life matters. Today, I’m proud to say it is my livelihood and how I survive. Art and sewing are lost arts; I’m trying to keep them alive by informing the world how much art enriches the mind and brain. Art and writing give me a kind of joy nothing else can. That’s why I’ve finally, after years of talking about this, decided to take the plunge and start up my art brand on YouTube teaching everything art–a plethora of techniques, art-making secrets, and skills you can develop from the comfort of your home. Here is an in-depth tutorial you can check out below. I have many more and many more tutorials on their way! This world needs more artists! Subscribe to my channel so I can keep teaching you guys!

In the coming months, a lot of awesome art and writing related projects are on their way! In the meantime, contact me for your tailoring and alterations needs in either ready-to-wear or bridal. Head on over to my schedule appointment page and get in touch! I do everything: wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion, and ready-to-wear ensembles. Also, my online store should be up and running but it’s taking a while to configure it all! You’ll soon be able to shop original paintings, art prints, custom dresses and professional work attire! Take a look at my extensive sewing history. These are dresses that have sold and are gone!


While you’re here, I also hope you read my blog for weekly updates on all these fun projects and creative endeavors. Also, look out on my YouTube Channel, Tessa Koller Art, for weekly art tutorials every Thursday! And, if you are a collaborator, message me. If I feel it’s worth my while, you’ll hear back from me. Thanks so much again for visiting; I can’t say that enough! Take care and stay safe in these unprecedented, crazy times we’re all in!