Tailoring and Alterations Policies

First, thank you for choosing Tessa’s Tailoring and Alterations. I appreciate your business. Please read the policies and services page before contacting to make sure I offer what you’re seeking. These policies are non-negotiable and will not change. These policies are effective as of September 1st, 2018. 


Payments must be made upon the first consultation as of September 1st, 2018. Changes to the fit, size or shape of a garment must be done so within two weeks of a wedding or event date.  

If the due date(s) change once, the fee for the rush order will be $25.00.

If the due date changes a second time, the charge will be $50.00.

If the due date changes a third time, the charge is $125.00 if it becomes an emergency rush order. 


While I do offer quick turnaround times, I need at least two-to-six weeks to complete your dresses/garments. Group or bulk orders need at least 6 weeks during wedding season (April to October). Please note for bulk orders, I do not offer rush or last-minute orders. 


Orders are not submitted until Tessa’s Tailoring and Alterations receives all information: full name(s), contact information, official due dates of dresses/garments, details of what needs to be done are all signed and in writing. 

Thank you

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