How to Make Quarantine Enjoyable and Enriching

What is Self-Quarantine?

Quarantine is defined as a state or period of isolation. And in this case, many Americans and people all across the world are self-quarantining to prevent the spread of Corona Virus, also known as COVID-19. Many of you may or may not know this about me, but I don’t have the world’s strongest immune system due to my genetic condition, 22Q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. I am immune deficient. I thought up this post as I sat online last night watching extremely entertaining live videos on Facebook and seeing how people are handling this situation. And, by the way, you’re all handling it awesomely. If you’d like to handle it even better, I hope this blog post has come to you at the most perfect time: 100 Ways to Make Self-Quarantine Enjoyable and Enriching. Not to say that being stuck at home because of this evil virus is fun, but life is what you make of it. I hope this post changes your mindset about this quarantine situation. So, let’s dive in, shall we?


  1. Netflix: Dear Netflix, NOW is the time to add even more films and TV shows, please.
  2. Hulu: Catch up on those old shows or watch those new ones you’ve been meaning to catch.
  3. Video-gaming: Now is the perfect time to spend hours upon hours playing video games. If you play the right ones, the ones that keep your brain sharp, this activity can count as something enriching and also enjoyable.
  4. Puzzles: from small puzzles to those 1,000-piece boards, that’ll keep you occupied!
  5. Word Puzzles
  6. Board Games (disinfect those, guys!) Those Lysol wipes that kill 99.9 percent of flu and virus germs, I am endorsing here.
  7. Pick Up Sticks: If you have that, or, improvise!
  8. Solitaire and solitary card games (if you’re totally alone, like me).
  9. Play cards with your quarantine partners: Games you’ll love: Spades, 5 and 7-card poker, Thirty-One, Texas Hold ‘Em, Crazy Eights, Bull*h*t!
  10. Dice Games: Yahtzee, sorry that’s the only one I know (and am currently obsessing over).
  11. Listen to those Podcasts you’ve been meaning to check out.
  12. Converse with people in your network and stay in touch online.
  13. Facebook: I love you. What are you all doing with this quarantine?
  14. Instagram: Get creative and take some eye catching shots of your creative work.
  15. Face-time with your friends: install video phoning on your cell phone. You’re welcome.
  16. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrity Mean Tweets. You won’t be able to stop. You won’t even realize three hours have gone by!
  17. Jimmy Fallon bloopers!
  18. Conan’s TV show and YouTube Channel. Oh, my gosh. Watched his channel for five hours straight one evening, laughing relentlessly.
  19. Ellen Tube: She’s got some funny stuff too.
  20. H.G. TV Home Makeover Shows: LOVE these. My guilty pleasures.
  21. Netflix’s fashion design shows: Next in Fashion, Fit for Fashion. Of course, watch, Project Runway, on Hulu.
  22. TEDtalks: Ever got so engrossed watching a series of brain boosting TEDtalks?
  23. Watch cooking shows: I love Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsay. Because of YouTube, they taught me how to cook like a pro! And, Gordon Ramsay…wink, wink!
  24. Connect with people online, just don’t meet up with anybody. That’s so easy to do. Chatting is fun and insightful.
  25. Watch endless Comedy Central skits and SNL improv shows.
  26. Dry Bar Comedy on YouTube
  27. Watch the Standups on Netflix.
  28. Watch a good mystery or thriller on Netflix.
  29. Like the Bachelor? I like to make fun of it. Ever seen Burning Love, its spoof? I watch it on YouTube but might be available on Hulu or Amazon Prime.
  30. Oh yeah, get Amazon Prime. Just do it. We’ll be in isolation for a while, guys.
  31. Read inspiring blog posts: I read Thirteen Thoughts, a beauty and lifestyle blog, and many others.
  32. Oh, and ugh, be reading my blog for awesomely entertaining posts like this one!
  33. Discover music on YouTube. My YouTube has been even better than Pandora. I’ve been finding music that’s kept me in a trans for hours. You’ll thank me. This is where you can start. You’ll thank me later.
  34. Creative writing challenges. These are fun. Try it out.
  35. Virtual music lessons. Check out my friend, Leslie Hunt, from the Chicago area. She’s teaching music virtually. Want to learn guitar, piano or how to sing? Learn from the best. You can find her on Facebook.
  36. Also, if you have not heard of District 97, you haven’t been living. They are crazy talented and their music is addictive. Check them out, while you’re at it. Chicagoan’s who are killing it!
  37.  Ever wanted to start a blog? Go for it.
  38. Share your OOTD photos (Outfit Of The Day pictures online.) Make an ugly sweater or something.
  39. Read books and write reviews about them (be nice, though).
  40. Create a playlist of more than one-hundred tunes you love on YouTube. I did this in like a week and am still finding new and awesome music.
  41. Binge watch older television shows you didn’t get to see when they first came out.
  42. Take long naps and siestas.
  43. Watch educational documentaries and take notes on things you find interesting.
  44. Publish a Facebook page support group. Why not?

DIY Crafting and Art Ideas

  1. Paint: Either by yourself or in small gatherings of no more than three people (who are definitely not sick).
  2. Draw: If you can draw, awesome. If you can’t, teach yourself. Experiment by drawing still-life items.
  3. Illustrate: Like to illustrate or draw cartoons? Do it.
  4. Sew: Pull out that sewing machine! I could sew for hours on end. Don’t know how to sew? YouTube taught me bridal sewing years ago! (And look at me now)
  5. Doodle. I could doodle for hours and turn it into a masterpiece. And so can you.
  6. Paint the walls in your house or apartment.
  7. Embroidery Art
  8. Scrapbooking
  9. Do photography solo. Here are basic photography rules: 1. Natural lighting is always the best. 2. Closeups require a specific setting and aperture. Setting: Portrait or object close-up. Aperture should be less, not more. Don’t set the aperture too low as you don’t want your subject to appear oddly wide or dis-proportioned. I use a 33 mm lens with my Canon and it shoots stunning pictures, of any and everything.
  10. What’s that creative project you’ve been meaning to get started on? Might as well get going on it now.
  11. Write anything. I finished my editing for my latest novel and can’t wait to get querying that.
  12. Create photo album collages either online or with your bare hands. This kind of crafting is so incredibly enjoyable and enriching. Take some nostalgic trips back in time and plug in that record player.
  13. Adult Coloring Books: I could do this for hours and days straight.
  14. Make bracelets out of strings or materials you’ve got around the house.
  15. Make pillows. Order some cheap fabrics and materials on amazon and get decorating.
  16. Crochet scarves, blankets or hats.
  17. Paper Mache sculptures out of old newspapers and trash around your home.
  18. Buy and assemble infinity lights.
  19. DIY your own lights.
  20. DIY your own furniture.

Around The House or Apartment (or Loft)

  1. HGTV your own home or apartment, if it needs it. MINE needs some H.G. T.V-ing. Big time.
  2. Reorganize your apartment or home: this can take an entire day. What have you been meaning to get done around the house? Sorry, I find reorganizing and cleaning very entertaining. I must be a weirdo?
  3. Bake: You know that saying, Life is what you bake of it? Yeah! Bake cookies, brownies, cakes.
  4. Vitamix or Cuizinart: Get mixing and cooking! Mix some drinks, turn on Comedy Central, and get silly. No one’s watching you. Just do it. And this leads to my next one.
  5. At-home manicure and pedicure. Get those beauty products out, ladies!
  6. At-home facial: This is what I do, ready? I boil a pot of 4 cups of water and steam my clean face for fifteen minutes. I exfoliate with a salt scrub and then apply a natural facial mask. It’s amazing and refreshing. And your skin will glow.
  7. Mix at-home beauty products. Here is a free idea for you that I rely on, it’s my infamous salt scrub recipe I wash my whole body with now, and wow. Just, wow. Here’s the recipe: 1. 2 Cups Fine Sea Salt 2. 1 Cup Aloe Vera Jelly. 3. 1/2 C Raw Honey. 4. 10 drops organic Tea Tree Oil. Your skin will sing. I promise you. I’ve been doing this for a while and it’s better than any product you’ll buy at some department store.
  8. Bath Bombs: Take a lot of relaxing baths and get those bath bombs online. I’m doing this now. Feels awesome!
  9. Minimize your home or apartment: Did you know that minimalism supports good health? Take some time to de-clutter, throw crap away. Create piles, Marie Kondo style, and minimize the heck out of your environment. Doing so reduces germs and will promote long-term cleanliness.
  10. Minimize or downsize your number of possessions and watch your stress melt away (and, the number of germs you’ll come into contact with will go bye-bye, too!)
  11. Digital Cleanse: Organize your email accounts and social media. Update labels and categories in Gmail and reorganize any content you wish to pull up or use later on. Delete the unnecessary junk.
  12. Clean out your phone and make space: Transfer your photos and videos to your desktop or computer. Digital minimizing is so refreshing.
  13. Set up a mini golf course in your place, if you’ve got the equipment, of course.
  14. Keep up with the news.
  15. Learn a new language.
  16. Research foreign locations just for the heck of it.
  17. Dust everywhere.
  18. Play with your pets (if you have them/one) and shower them with attention.
  19. Water your house plants or get some plants. You have all the time in the world to care for them, now.
  20. Paint and re-purpose old furniture.
  21. Build forts in odd ball places around your house and sleep in them.
  22. Make ginger bread houses: Pull out that mixer and your baking ingredients. If you have to run errands for ingredients, do so responsibly. Wear a mask and gloves. And, be kind, while shopping, guys.
  23. Disinfect your living area from the top down. You know you should, if you haven’t done this already.
  24. Make a pizza.
  25. Spot clean your furniture (if it’s needed).

At-Home Health Management

  1. Yoga: DVD’S and YouTube. Been meaning to increase your flexibility? Now is the time. I love, Jen Hilman.
  2. Zumba: Exercising in your living room. Shake that healthy butt! By the way, my theme song is: “I Like to Move It, Move It!”
  3. Redecorate your apartment or house.
  4. Watch DIY YouTube Channels and try actually doing these projects.
  5. Focus on boosting your immune system with supplements and probiotics.
  6. At-home exercises and stretches. Get a Styrofoam roller and roll out that stress!
  7. Read wellness journals and magazines online.
  8. Teach yourself how to cook elaborate lunches and dinners.
  9. Sudoku Puzzles. I hate numbers but I love doing these.
  10. Go for an idea walk: bundle yourself up, mask and gloves, and go for a one hour walk outside if you can, by yourself, during the day.
  11. Give yourself a makeover.

I hope these ideas helped. Having to self-quarantine means this Corona Virus has gone beyond serious. But we don’t need to do this in fear and by acting impulsively or panic buying (or being aggressive with other people). Instead, we can just be there for each other. We can give each other support and ideas for ways to make this less scary whilst being smart, safe, sensible and compassionate. If you have any other ideas for making self-quarantine fun and enriching that aren’t listed in this post, feel free to post them below or reach out on social media. My Instagram is Tessa Koller, and Facebook: Tessa E. Koller. I also hope you discovered some new sources of entertainment reading this post and feel better about this quarantining we’re doing. Just focus on being mindful, productive and doing things that make you feel good. We can all keep doing relatively normal things while managing our health and well-being wisely. Thank you for reading and following along. Stay in touch!