how to make delicious udon noodle soup

How To Make The Most Delicious Udon Noodle Soup

The Ingredients You’ll Need

Udon Noodle Soup is a classic in my household. This cold (though oddly mild) winter makes me crave hot foods like soups. The detail in this Udon Noodle Soup recipe is really all in the broth but also, how you cook your chosen protein and vegetables matters to achieve that authentic Japanese flavor. To me, cooking is an art and a craft. Nailing the flavors is a science and usually experimental. For this dish, I heavily focused on the flavors and combination of balancing sweet and acidic. It was my first time making this dish in quite a few years and had to use what was around my kitchen to achieve that authenticity.

One surprising twist (which I wasn’t sure how it would taste after), I added chicken and vegetable broth. In terms of the liquids, I didn’t have a lot to work with and consequently had to mix them together. And wow, I didn’t expect it to taste as good as it did. With this recipe, I always had a hard time finding the noodles I wanted–the thick noodles I love. At the store, I found these delicious noodles and they worked out great!

If you want to make the soup delicious and a little sweet(er), follow my tips and this recipe exactly. It was such a unique twist on this Udon recipe and it was such a hit, I couldn’t resist sharing. Your eyebrows might jump up your forehead when you see all the ingredients I used but I promise you, they worked marvelously together. Ginger is another common ingredient in this dish and adds a subtle zing of flavor. I made sure to cook my protein and vegetables in sesame oil. This is crucial because how you cook these ingredients is what determines the soup’s authenticiy. These are the ingredients I used, take notes.


  1. Imagine (brand) Vegetable Broth (one-half of a container).
  2. Imagine (brand) Chicken Broth (one-half of a container.
  3. Water: 3 Cups.
  4. Jumbo Udon Noodles
  5. Tofu (My protein, but you can use beef, chicken or whatever else you like).
  6. Leeks (1 Leek)
  7. Mushrooms: 1 Cup
  8. Spice World Squeeze Ginger: 1 Tsp.
  9. Minced Garlic: 1 Tsp.

Lay out all your ingredients and begin preparation. Cooking directions are below:

Cooking Directions

  1. In a large pot, stir in the vegetable and chicken broth with the water and let simmer while preparing ingredients.
  2. Cook Udon noodles according to your package directions (when the noodles are cooked, add them to the broth).
  3. Chop leek, mushrooms, and tofu.
  4. In a skillet, add one tablespoon of sesame oil on medium heat and allow it to get hot.
  5. Then, add minced galric and the ginger to the skillet, stirring for thirty seonds.
  6. Add all vegetables and tofu to the skillet.
  7. To the skillet, add Tamari Soy Sauce and Key West Lime Juice.
  8. Saute until the leek is soft and vegetables are cooked the way you like them.
  9. Transfer vegetable mixture to the pot of broth and lid it. Simmer on low for thirty minutes.
  10. To the broth/soup, drizzle in some of the Key West Lime Juice.
  11. This is the ingredient that might make your eyebrows jump up toward your hairline: Sweet Soy Glaze, which is also used in preparing Sushi but a tiny dime sized drop of this in the soup adds nice balance to the dish with the Tamari Soy Sauce. Check out all the images below to get exact ingredients.

Serve and Enjoy!

For added pops of flavor, garnish with cilantro and drizzle juice from a lime. Serve it up and enjoy (actually, you’ll devour this!) Thanks for stopping by and checking out this post. I hope you try this recipe and if you do, tag me on Instagram at Tessa Koller. I WILL share it and promote you/your website or blog. Tell me what you think of this! You might want to consider whipping it up on the holidays. Your fam will be wowed!