how to accessorize bridal gowns

How To Style And Accessorize Bridal Gowns

The Basics of Preparing for a Bridal Stylist Position

The good thing about working as a stylist in the bridal industry is it’s very visual which simplifies the learning process (for me, anyway). But I have a lot of experience designing wedding gowns both by hand and machine. I’ve resized and produced corsets, complete with installing different kinds of boning and in different ways. It helps to have a background in sewing. But if you do not, (don’t worry) keep reading to learn how you can master the art of styling and accessorizing bridal gowns.

Wedding Gowns Designed By Tessa Koller. Photography By Tessa Koller.

You want to expand your knowledge as much as you can and take the time to become an expert in the bridal industry field. This is what I’m doing while the wedding season isn’t (as) busy.

Now that it’s the holidays, many places are hiring stylists before the wedding season kicks on in spring. And come spring, bridal shops and sewing rooms will be hustling and bustling. I’ve recently accepted a position as a bridal stylist at a top national retailer and am so excited! Additionally, I’ve also accepted a position as their in-house Alterations Specialist and am even MORE excited! It amazes me how eventually everything falls into place and what you’ve always wanted begins to manifest!

In my down time, I’ve been doing my homework and refreshing my memory on everything bridal—from styling to accessorizing bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses to sharpening my sewing skills. I feel utterly grateful to be learning from one of the best seamstresses in the Illinois area whose designs are gorgeous! Visit her website and check out her stunning work. She is so talented and such a dear friend of mine. Also, follow her on Instagram and take a look at her beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments, all sewn and produced by her. She taught me so many things and is a fantastic teacher!

So, without further ado, here are the basics of styling and accessorizing bridal gowns in your place of business:

  1. Study the company’s brands from clothing to jewelry.
  2. Research each clothing brand’s aesthetic, their signature and what distinguishes them from each other.
  3. Watch the company’s YouTube channel if they have one. Familiarize yourself with all the types of styles/silhouettes they sell. For instance, in bridal, the company I’m working for sells ball gowns, mermaid dresses, sheath and illusion dresses and are always ahead of the game trend-wise. Become an expert on the styles trending currently and what will be trending in the next six to eight months.
  4. In terms of the actual styling part, research/become an expert on accessorizing types of necklines on dresses. An accessory can either make or break a look. If you’re styling a sweetheart neckline, research what jewelry would complement it. You’ll find that a sparkly or beaded choker may complement an off-the-shoulders look. You’ll also learn that a plunging V-neckline should be the most prominent. Drop earrings and a bracelet are exceptional for highlighting the flattering plunging neckline. There are plenty of websites that will teach you how to style every gown according to their necklines and silhouettes.

Knowledge (REALLY) is Power

With every new opportunity, instead of feeling nervous about it, get knowledgeable about everything you possibly can. Doing so will give you confidence and assurance that you know your stuff and are an expert in your field. To master your craft, on a regular basis, you must be doing your homework each day and educating yourself about the position you’re in or going into. Even while you’re working, it’s good to know that knowledge is power. Knowledge equals confidence and enhances efficiency on the job.

The most important part about styling is getting to know your client, talking with them, and listening to them. Listening is crucial. Chances are, every bride-to-be has envisioned their wedding day and already knows the type of dress they want to wear. It’s up to the stylist to give the client a complete, real-life vision of how they want to look, one that will make their dreams come true on their special day.

I hope this post gave you the basics (and more) on styling silhouettes and bridal gowns. Silhouette guides are the best to follow. Are you thinking of becoming a bridal or special occasion stylist? Do you love the bridal industry as much as I do? Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post.