I am starting a new chapter in life, both figuratively and literally. All of the blogging has been moved here to tessakoller.com while I update the world on my most anticipated novel and other projects I’ve been working on in the world of writing. I will also be using blogging to help those through the maze of trying to become a published author. If you’re like me and have been writing since you were young and would love to have a novel or non-fiction project out, this is the place to be if you want to become familiar with the ropes.

I’ve consulted with numerous bestselling and international bestselling authors I’ve met at conferences who have been so kind in offering their advice on manuscript formatting, querying and the writing process in general. As a writer, those are all things that you’ve got to take seriously. Many of you have been reaching out to me asking all kinds of questions about writing query letters, formatting manuscripts, and how to attract agents. So stay tuned here and check back often for updates at tessakoller.com/blog. Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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