Portraits for the Whole Family

Contact me for quotes as they all vary dependent upon the photograph you want me to recreate. Send me professional or candid photographs and I’ll recreate them as a drawing in the following mediums:

Graphite Pencil
Colored Pencil

As long as we’re in this Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, all of my drawings are priced extremely affordably but are extremely high-quality. I’ve sent drawings to clients all over the world, so there are no limits! Contact me at tessakoller@gmail.com or on Facebook, where it all started!

Ink Portrait Drawings

Unique and Personable Gift Ideas for Couples

Graphite Pencil Drawings

This drawing is a combination of pencil and charcoal

Gift Ideas for Mom

Offers for Mother’s Day are being applied! Message me for these fantastic deals between now and the day after Mother’s Day! Don’t miss out! Art is the BEST, most thoughtful gift you can give someone. I recreate precious moments between friends, happy couples, children, babies, and pets! Let’s keep art alive and support artists during these pandemic times. Thank you in advance for reaching out and I hope to hear from you!